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Message posted by scott schneeweis on April 27, 2005 at 14:11:10 PST:

I wound up have the winning bids on items 6526609233 (A-12 fragment), 6526609240 (SR-71 Window Deicer Duct Assbly), 6526609248 (SR-71 Wing Skin Panel) and 6526609249 (a good sized SR-71 upper access ASARS access panel).....I would much rather see these items remain out in the public domain where people can physically interact with them rather then behind museum glass or worse yet down in an archival stowage facility never to be seen again. All of my space and aviation artifacts (to include some fairly significant X-15A #3 relics) are taken out to local schools where we discuss the historical significance and technological achievements associated with their respective programs...b

I feel pretty positive about my role as an amateur collector in preserving the memories the people and programs they comitted their lives to..

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