Re: Near misses over england

Message posted by Andre' M. Dall'au on April 07, 2005 at 6:32:33 PST:

Interesting story. I would like to know how the guy knew the bright light was "aiming" for the airplane. whenever an observer expresses knowlege of intent, I am immediately suspicious.

From the ground especially at night), it is difficult to gauge the relative position of airborne objects other than how they are lined up with an observer. The distance apart is very hard to estimate.

Any near misses with aircraft in controlled airspace, or radical change in altidue or course by an aircraft in controlled airspace (like over London)would be tracked, monitored and questioned by the ground controllers. As much as I love good stories, I really like a good, thorough analysis that would include finding out if the local air traffic controller logged a near miss or report of a near-miss. Specifics such as dates, time of day, relative couses, and followup investigations are best. beyond that we are left with a story that (purposefully?) results in more questions than answers. A good thing to do if anybody does witness something interesting, it is best to record specific facts and back it up with some followthrough to include other witnesses or other physical evidence. Small pocket digital voice recorders are good to record description of what you are seeing plus what ever background noise it makes. I recommend the device for anybody going to the area around Groom, so what you see and hear can become a more complete record.

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