Alien guards at A51

Message posted by Area 51 A on April 06, 2005 at 17:46:41 PST:

Heard a story a couple of months ago from a very trust worthly guy in vegas. He said that a few years ago he was lookin for the strip in nevada and he was lost. Then he said that he saw a good amount of cars that looked like they knew where they where going. He followed these cars for like twenty mins and then came to a check point that looked like a guy standing there. When he came closer and pulled up he noticed that it was not human. It was like a lizard man. about 8 feet tall and if you ever played halo he said it looked like a Elite without the split lips. He said he was freaked and he had to litterely escape. Well post a reply tell me what you think I would be very gratefull.


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