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Message posted by kurv on April 04, 2005 at 13:48:31 PST:

Teresa, thanks for the post ini my thread :) what day were you out their. We were their Monday the 21st. We went to the LAI and I think I met Chuck their.

Hey Chuck..!!

I will post more of my story in my thread... what we experienced was not a boom, someone put tape across the road.

I will say though that at the Alien Jerky place... when we turned onto 93 from 375, their was a Jeep their facing the Jerky store, with lights on. It did not follow us, but it did have us thinking it was weird.

Personally I think the store next to the Chevorn station is setup with cameras for the base. I know I sound stupid saying that... but sorry guys. Saw to many cameras and weird devices along the gate dirt roads. That store has too many cameras for a small store in that area... I have seen banks in downtown LA with less cameras than that Chevorn store.

Wes -

It was fun though...

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