Periodically I see these flying out of Nellis

Message posted by Peter A. Forkes on March 27, 2005 at 10:26:19 PST:

I live 14 miles from Nellis on the flight path up to TTR.

I just saw a grey 'passenger jet' flanked by two fighter jets and then joined by two more fighter jets flying out of Nellis up tp TTR. 15 minutes later I saw the same thing happeneing again.

The 'passenger jet' has three engines one on each wing and the third at the base of the tail. The 4 fighter jets each had a single tail (forgive me, I don't yet know how to recognize jets yet).

I only seem to see this happening on weekends (I seldom se many flights from nellis on a weekend) and a few weeks ago I saw a 'passenger jet' with six fighters (this was about 7 am on a Saturday).

Are these training for in flight refueling, or something else?


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