area 51 genetic testing

Message posted by chris on March 22, 2005 at 16:12:08 PST:

i believe that area 51 has been doing gentic testing, i have gathered up information from several sites indicating that strange white trucksrepeately through on area 51,. i think that the coolers on the trucks are used to contain the unknown products, test materials in there, i found a document stating that there were test materials on these trucks, it was on a site i had found there has been sightings of mutant cteatures or believed to be aliens. it was a security pesonall only document which had in bold letters on top, MUST NOT LEAVE THE BASE, it states many times if any unusual events or unexplained events occur to call the higher security agents, this is my thorie, that many people may believe they had seen aliens but they were gentic testing gone wrong, they have contained the test products underground for testing purposes, i just hope that their isnt a virus outbreak and danger the many lives near or in the area 51. u may think i'm paranoid and crazy but i have found legitimate evidence to justify my theorie including a classified document a man had published on the net, and several diffrent sources with similararities. if u go on te website below , go down to general links and click on groom lake security manual. this will open up the document.

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