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Message posted by Razgriz on March 20, 2005 at 15:14:59 PST:

You are absolutely right, werD. He should be proud that newcomers to the wonderful topic of area 51 and this absolutely fantastic forum and are asking questions. He's acting like he NEVER asked ANYONE these questions. Like one day he woke up knowing everything there is to know. Joerg, you are right, too. Its "our" webspace, talking like HE'S shelling out cash to help keep this wonderful site alive. Its you're site, and you deal with posts that you deem as stupid. I know there are some people out there that spam, and you do your best to get rid of them. He thinks that all the newcomers like me and Gou'ld are spammers and must be deleted. He was complaining about me since i first came here. I still am kinda upset that I was deleted, but i know it was for a reason. Gremlin, you seriously need to calm down. Gou'ld is a new person interested in this and he has some questions that you may deem "stupid", yet you must have asked some stupid questions when you first started your interest in this. You're posts are very rude, also. I credit Gou'ld for not fighting ignorance with even more ignorance. (not that i'm calling you ignorant)

"...we do not need You or Your Advice..."

Come on, Gremlin. Why the aggression?

"Secondly it is our "Webspace" and we will use it as we see fit."

Its not "our" webspace, as you put it. I don't think you are shelling out cash to keep the site running. Its Joerg's webspace. If he doesn't see a problem, no need to whine and moan about something YOU deem wrong.

"annoying little people like you..."

For starting all this, some people might consider YOU annoying, complaining like some little gossipy woman. You seriously should take a chill pill and develop a better attitude.

Whats with all the "we" and "our" talk? You shouldn't talk for other people, even if you think you share the same ideas.

I stress these points to you because I feel you are a nice person, but you need to change. This is contructive criticism. Now you should write an essay sayiong why its not nice to call people annoying, lol.

Have a nice day,


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