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In all honesty, shouldn't you be honored that people are coming to YOU to ask for answers? There are a billion idiots on the web who just want someone to pay attention to THEIR opinions, who don't have anything valid or well grounded to say. Sure, google searches yield hits- but actually valuable, reputable information? That's the hardest thing to find- and the hardest skill to acquire is being able to separate the crap from the reality. As a college student now taking advantage of the new digital world of information every single day for most of my research (the reputable journals in most fields have moved most of their content online now- and libraries don't want to waste money on paper), this seems to be the struggle that is evolving out of the information age: now that we've got all this information accessible to just about everyone within seconds, where's the stuff worth reading? How do you get a simple answer to a question, and not a 30 page synopsis of a wider topic that you can't seem to find valuable information in? How do you learn to speak the language of intelligent scholars in your field (so you can perform accurate searches), when your only access to them is through search engines?

So the fact that people are coming here to ask their "stupid questions" means you're trusted. Which means you've been paid a pretty incredible respect. Out of millions of websites with easily accessible 'information', the dreamlandresort forum is chosen by a whole lot of 'idiots'- even when a response takes *gasp* time to get, and might not come at all if others are not interested.

Don't like it? I'm really sorry, then. There's a new generation of people asking the same questions you all did at one time or another. The idea that someone wouldn't want to share such a bulk of knowledge- so that the whole project of understanding the black world could be advanced over time- is one of the saddest outcomes of the individualist society we live in. Seriously. What's the point of knowing if all you do is snivelingly complain when someone shows interest?

On a more positive note, I'm very greatful to have found this website, and thankful to those of you who have happily and not-begrudgingly answered my "stupid" questions. I've felt quite welcome here, and have learned a great deal from the posts here. I understand the frustration of OT posts and questions that have been asked millions of times, and I appreciate your patience with those of us who have yet to spend the bulk of years all of you have attaining information, and more importantly, an informed perspective. Bullshit filters are hard to make, and you guys are very good ones.

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