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There should be radar data on the planes make the sonic boom, so there shoudl be no mystery with the exception of why the planes were travelling so fast.

Here is what I received from another list:
Sonic booms shake up area
Navy jets arriving at MacDill break the sound barrier and shatter the quiet
of a Friday evening.
Published March 12, 2005
Seminole resident Henry Remi walked outside when he heard what sounded like
a series of loud explosions Friday evening.
His neighbor had done the same thing.
"You hear that?" Remi asked.
"Yeah, I heard it," replied the neighbor.
Remi said he wanted to make sure he wasn't losing his mind. He wasn't.
What Remi and thousands of other residents from Citrus to Manatee counties
heard and felt was two F-18 jets breaking the sound barrier. The resulting
booms resonated from Citrus to Manatee counties.
The two Navy F-18 Hornets arrived from a naval air station in Pensacola and
landed about 8 p.m., said Air Force 2nd Lt. Larry Vanderoord, spokesman for
MacDill Air Force Base. He called their arrival a "routine landing" and said
these planes usually fly faster and lower than typical planes landing at
The jets, based out of California, were scheduled to take off again today or
"They are very fast, and when they come in, they're very loud," Vanderoord
The shaking registered on the U.S. Geological Survey seismograph in Orlando,
measuring 2.7 on the Richter Scale, the equivalent of a weak earthquake.
Central Florida is not an active earthquake area, said USGS duty officer
Madeleine Zirbes.
"They did see it register," Zirbes said from Denver, Colo. "They thought
immediately that it could be a sonic boom."
The blast prompted hundreds of calls to area newspapers, TV and radio
stations and local authorities. Many residents headed outside to find out
why their homes were shaking.
Remi has heard the double boom that comes when space shuttles re-enter the
atmosphere. On Friday, he said it sounded more like five or six booms in a
"I never heard so many booms come as rapidly as that," he said.
Carrollwood resident Mark Thatcher heard the rumbling over the noise of his
television set.
"It just sounded like an airplane really close," he said.

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