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You pass with "flying" colors. The base doesn't always list the local times, so you need to subtract 8 hours (standard time) or 7 hours (daylight savings time). This can be a bit ugly for night exercises since the 8 hour shift puts them into the next day. Some of the Zulu times weren't exactly translated correctly by the base, but I assume the local times are good.

My intent was to get a few other people used to reading Notams. Often there is good stuff in them, but to search them routinely is a bit tedious since the output requires a bit of work to "translate."

Another good trick is to do a radius search. For the Nellis ranges, I generally set up a 100 nm search around KINS (Indian Springs). That will catch all the "R" (restricted) airspace being reserved. This is typically for the Nellis weapons school. Their training can often be more entertaining than Red Flag. ["I see a person by the building. Confirm that is not a real person.] They sneak weapons school between the Red Flag sessions, so there are days when it seems like the flying is continuous around the ranges.

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