Area 51 is really a syndrome and it keeps all of us wasting our time discussing this instead of things that are important

Message posted by Dude on March 06, 2005 at 0:08:30 PST:

Area 51 is great but you should really think about why people waste their time on a dead issue instead of doing anything meaningful. It is not that easy to deploy a bioweapon in an urban area or it would have been done already. Actually these weapons were tested on American cities and against folks in Utah as a "test". I happen to live in NY City. There is little value in hitting many of the other cities in the US which is why NYC is the frontline and number 1 target. Its because we are the engine that drives the entire economy and if you want to do the most damage, here is where you do it, for political, financial and psychological reasons.

Just read what Al Qaeda says, they are not shy about telling us what they want to do. It is not easy to get Smallpox, Anthrax requires expertise and equipment. Frankly if there was a dirty bomb attack what would happen is that the government would cover it up, pure and simple and if you want to know about history, bio weapons people here have no qualms about testing agents on American citizens, maybe you should read about operation whitecoat, thatís a juicy one. As for the newspapers I live in NYC and read the nonsense that is written in them. The latest survey of prepardness of US cities shows that NY doesnít even have enough people right now to distribute drugs or vaccines in an emergency. The Wonderful Bush administration is not giving first responders enough money or equipment to do their jobs in an emergency. The cops and firemen in NYC cant even talk to each other on their radios and Border security is a joke. The president who was elected to protect us is devoting more resources to track the finances of people who go to Cuba then Al Qaedas finances and if you listen to C SPAN the union for border patrol and customs agents are complaining at a televised public forum that they donít have the equipment or manpower to do their job. So yeah lets keep hiding our heads in the sand and keep talking about area 51, then when the body count start mounting from a bio attack you from a distance can say how terrible it is, lets do something, LOL.

A Programmer who used to work at WTC 2


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