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Message posted by Gary on October 29, 2000 at 15:39:04 EST:

I don't want to make this a political discussion because that is not the charter of this web site. Let's stick to the topics of Yucca mountain and black projects. I will point out one of the many Bush lies, since you posted the same on gore:

Bush: "We're one of the first states that said you can sue an HMO for denying you proper coverage."

Fact: "He did not say that he strongly considered vetoing the bill that subjected HMOs to malpractice suits and eventually, facing the prospect of having his veto overridden, allowed the measure to become law without his signature." (Kessler, Wash. Post, 10/18/00. KWP below.)
I can dig up about 50 more Bush blunders, but that is not the point. Hey, maybe Bush forgot he vetoed the bill. ;-)

I've already posted that the GOP put the Yucca nuclear site in its party platform. There is no denying this. Done deal.

The Reagan/Bush years were not kind to the military, only the defense contractors. Contrast this with the Clinton/Gore years where the military personel actually got a raise.

If Bush brings in Colin Powell, we are doomed. While Powell gets good press, he is weak at best regarding running the military. Look at the Iraqi war where the friendly fire killed more Americans than the enemy. Then there was the "turkey shoot" at the end of the war where the US troops were killing surrending Iraqis. This is a war crime. Top if off with the fact that Powell was part of the My Lai massacre cover up during Viet Nam. We need Collin Powell like we need GWBush to be president.

Look at the current wave of black projects we have running right now under Clinton/Gore. We have JSF, F22, and maybe fast mover. NASA has 4 serious X plane projects going.

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