Short Trip Report and Photos

Message posted by Hank on March 02, 2005 at 18:59:50 PST:

I had to go to Vegas on business so I decided to mix a little pleasure with it. Saturday I met Joerg at Nellis and we took some pics of the players coming in for Red Flag. His pics are posted in the updates. His pics are better than mine because he has a taller running board to stand on. As you can tell by his pics we saw our share of aircraft. I had plans to go to Rachel Monday but business got in the way. So I went out to Nellis Monday and Tuesday to watch the recovery. It was shorts weather both days. I saw everything from 117s to B2s to Tankers. Lots of aircraft. It looks like its going to be a great flag. If you have a chance get up there. The convenience of a scanner cannot be underated. The AWACS is usually the last plane to land and then its over. I was packing my gear up to leave and the scanner lit up saying their was a B2 on final. If I didnt have the scanner I would have missed it. Last year I would have missed the Raptor pic thats posted on the site. I was 1/2 mile away when Raptor 2 called in on final. 2 years ago a F15 caught fire after landing and I would have missed that shot also. If you only have the arrival and departure frequencies programed in its a big help.


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