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Thanks for the info. However, Can I say a few word's?

The appointment of the new counterspy czar was
mandated by an executive order signed by President Clinton
in January known as PDD-75 on "counterintelligence

Thud: Who's too say this won't change, with the ew administration, at hand.
He's, "CIC", already backed out of the "Emission's" issue.

Another administration official said Mr. Bush's National
Security Council approved the Clinton counterspy program.

Thud: When, before, or after the election?

The fact that the new "CI executive" is being announced
by Mr. Freeh and not by President Bush is viewed by some
in Congress as a sign that the counterspy chief will lack White
House support.


"There are serious concerns about the commitment of the
administration to this," said one congressional aide. "The
sentiment here is that the person for that job needed to be a
heavy hitter."

Thud: He's NOT a heavy HITTER, in the Republican's eye's!

Mr. Hanssen was arrested in February and charged with
being a "mole" for the Soviet Union and later Russia since
1985. He has not entered a plea yet, but his attorney has said
he plans to plead not guilty.

Thud: He has ALREADY plead NOT GUILTY. Unfortunately, he'll
deal with a FEDERAL magistrate! Not, a jury!

Great information, Jose. But, I dought IT will ever happen.

Just an Opinion...


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