Red Flag Notams-"Fights On"

Message posted by Hank on February 24, 2005 at 4:32:28 PST:


L0023/05 - ALL TRANSIENT AIRCRAFT MUST DECONFLICT ARRIVAL AND DEPARTURE TIMES FROM THE FOLLOWING RED FLAG MASS LAUNCH AND RECOVERY TIMES. 25 FEB: 1700-1800L (26/0100-0200Z); 26 FEB: 1345-1445L (26/2145-2245Z); 28 FEB: 1115-1215L, 1315-1415L, 1745-1845L, 2115-2215L (28/1915-2015Z, 28/2115-2215Z, 01/0145-0245Z, 01/0545-0645Z); 01 MAR: 1145-1245L, 1345-1445L, 1815-1915L, 2145-2245L (01/1945-2045Z, 01/2145-2245Z, 02/0215-0315Z, 02/0545-0645Z); 02 MAR: 1115-1215L, 1300-1400L, 1745-1845L, 2115-2215L (02/1915-2015Z, 02/2100-2200Z, 03/0145-0245Z, 03/0545-0645Z); 03 MAR: 1130-1230L, 1330-1430L, 1815-1915L, 2115-2215L (03/1930-2030Z, 03/2130-2230Z, 04/0215-0315Z, 04/0515-0615Z); 04 MAR: 1115-1215L, 1315-1415L, 1815-1915L, 2115-2215L (04/1915-2015Z, 04/2115-2215Z, 05/0215-0315Z, 05/0515-0615Z); 07 MAR: 1115-1215L, 1315-1415L, 1745-1845L, 2115-2215L (07/1915-2015Z, 07/2115-2215Z, 08/0145-0245Z, 08/0515-0615Z); 08 MAR: 1145-1245L, 1345-1445L, 1745-1845L, 2115-2215L (08/1945-2045Z, 08/2145-2245Z, 09/0145-0245Z, 09/0515-0615Z); 09 MAR: 1115-1215L, 1315-1415L, 1915-2015L, 2215-2315L (09/1915-2015Z, 09/2115-2215Z, 10/0315-0415Z, 10/0615-0715Z); 10 MAR: 1115-1215L, 1315-1415L, 1845-1945L, 2215-2315L (10/1915-2015Z, 10/2115-2215Z, 11/0245-0345Z, 11/0615-0715Z); 11 MAR: 1115-1215L, 1315-1415L, (11/1915-2015Z, 11/2115-2215Z). CONTACT BASE OPS FOR FURTHER INFORMATION DSN 682-4600 26 FEB 01:00 UNTIL 11 MAR 22:15 23 FEB 21:30 UNTIL 11 MAR 22:15

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