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Message posted by CoyoteUgly on February 23, 2005 at 15:18:28 PST:

"Australia really only has a geographical value to the US in its relatively uncluttered airspace for training in."

I'm assuming you mean the above comment Phil. I said it but I think you need to revisit the post to see the context in which it was said.

I was referring to the value of Australia as a secret aircraft test venue, and the limited value it would have being so far from any possible corporate, air force headquarters, or home base facilities. The only real value Ausralia has AS A TRAINING OR TESTING venue is in its uncluttered airspace around he Delamere weapons range or Woomera etc. Politically, I believe Australia has great value to its Allies, and militarily, we punch well above our weight.

As for the 'mini B-2', I've spoken to the editor of the magazine in which the article appeared, and also to two other journos (one of whom is now my business partner) who were on that same aircraft as it landed at PMD, and all say they think it was just a practical joke by the writer concerned as no one else saw it. Wasn't in the April edition was it? ;-)

Happy to elaborate via email, but I suspect the subject is now worn out on this forum.


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