Re: Strange Lights/Noises Beale Vicinity

Message posted by lone wolf on February 20, 2005 at 7:52:18 PST:

Nearby (relatively) Travis AFB would have plenty of C-5s.

For those not on the left coast, we are slowly going crazy due to constant rain for about two weeks. In any event, the low cloud deck can amplify the sound and often bounces sound from distant locations. Light can bounce off the low deck as well. Driving the 680 coridor, which granted is about 100 miles to the south west, I am seeing glow in the skies from cities that you normally don't see.

The terrain around Beale is kind of interesting. I don't know where Will is located, but Beale has hills to the east that would bounce the sound of a low level airplane to the west. Throw in a low cloud deck and the sound won't radiate to the open sky.

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