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Message posted by Steve Douglass on February 14, 2005 at 19:12:16 PST:

The info I had on the possible Alice Springs (CIA) base came from a friend who is a bush pilot who was flying near the site when he saw what looked like an F-117 just circling a deserted area not far from the Alice Springs NSA post.

The aircraft looked like it was looking for a place to land . The Aussie pilot said suddenly a landing strip appeared in the middle of the desert where none had been before. According to the pilot it looked like sprinklers had been turned on revealing the strip as a paved runway painted to look like the surrounding terrain.

Anyway, the aircraft landed. By the time the pilot could turn his aircraft and look at the landing strip, the aircraft was no where to be seen.

This report came from a trusted friend and combined with other reports of sonic booms "skyquakes" and reports of Aussie F-111 pilots chasing fastmovers they could not catch may indicate that someting may be going on in this isolated area.

-Steve Douglass

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