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Message posted by lone wolf on February 13, 2005 at 11:49:24 PST:

Maybe now is a good time to remind everyone about the "uncle sam" option in google. Lots of information is put out by the government. Google will search PDFs, powerpoint, and even MS word files. With the Uncle Sam option, you don't get second hard information.

Another source of information is to file your own freedom of information act request. I'm always a bit hesitant to post information I get from FOIA requests, but the stuff the feds release to the general public can be pretty amazing. File a FOIA on a UAV crash, and you will get details of UAV operation that has never been seen on the net. I'm sure what I have is all unclassified, but you know how the feds are clamping down on even unclassified information.

For the feds that are reading this, as soon as the FLIP gets pulled from the net, expect a FOIA from me. So start thinking up your lame excuse not to send it. When I did a FOIA for the FLIMSY, I didn't get an outright no for an answer. I suspect if I asked for parts of the FLIMSY, I could get them. I just never was that interested to follow up.

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