Re: Groomlake Underground Facilities

Message posted by Andre' M. Dall'au on February 13, 2005 at 5:57:05 PST:

Just because you cannot fathom a purpose for underground facilities quite possible means you don't have the knowelege or background to come up with "a good reason". America (and Europe) have been tunneling for decades, and we have the technology and expertise to do it in the middle of a large city without detection, so at Groom Lake it would be easy. The reasons could be to prevent photo analysis of above-ground structures that could lead to a determination of the scale, if not purpose of the project. Underground facilities would conceal the amount of space, personnel and power requirements that were being used, not only from overhead imagry, but other, non-involved personnel on-site. as far as getting rid of the dirt; adding more sand and rock to a desert is something that would be pretty esy to do. Or make road bed from the rocks, or even a runway.

As far as Bush, blending dubious myth of the "MAJESTIC 12" to come up the premise that America is the problem is inaccurate. If Americans still thought that the spirit of Neville Chamberland "peace in our time" sell-out of allies still existed, I doubt we would be such staunch allies, but we are. Both our countries have much to lose from third world state sponsored terrorism and/or the threat of sopisticated attack from a larger government. North Korea has admitted that they posses Nuclear Weapons, and that is OK with you? A truly evil government that starves its people to field a huge army now has the means to spead its misery to others, but you think that Bush is the problem? Bush is an elected official that is accountable to the American people for his actions. The US is not a fundamentalist state. we don't feel our actions are divine and therefore we are subject to second-guessing, public opinion, and voter recall. Feel free to say I TOLD YOU SO anytime you feel like, it's part of the process. Just understand as Americans we have to defend ourselves the best way we know. If that is inconsistent with the desires of a collection of third-world nations and people that stand in ignorant judgement even though they are protected by the generous umbrella of US, UK, Australian and other armed might, well too bad. As I have many friend overseas in harm's way I would like very much to have them home in one piece. The cream of ours, Australia and the UK's youth are standing guard and fighting for our freedoms and security. Next time you see one walking through an Airport in their desert uniforms, carrying their enitire accumulated possessions in a dusty backpack, their eyes clouded by thinking of their buddies that did not come home, please take the time to enlighten them of your point of view or tell them "I TOLD YOU SO". I would pay to see the aftermath.

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