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Message posted by paul on February 12, 2005 at 15:27:49 PST:

Q.What would be the point of so much expensive tunneling ? A.Spy satellites,you keep your best kept secrets at ground level under tin roof hangers,then they don't stay secret for very long.
you could well ask who's spy satellites would be interested in spying on Area 51,Area 19,Nellis range etc A good question! The Russians,maybe! The Communist Chinese,maybe! Enemys of the US !?!?!
We live in the 21st Century,things have changed considerably since the cold war,the russians aren't considered a "super power" no more,they pose no real threat to the US any more,they have enough troubles of their own to deal with to bother with world issues.The chinese pose more of a threat,but i doubt they have the guts to take on the US.It seems to me the only real threat to America is America itself,to be more precise,the Bush administration,the goverment run by the son of an ex MAJESTIC 12 member !!! Conspiracy theory at its best,from JFK to 9/11.
Area 51 is no more than a convenient distraction,with stories of UFO's,aliens,secret stealth technology etc. Mis-information is the 21st century key word,we are fed & educated in the ways of the world,told who is GOOD & who is BAD,sit back and think for a minute,take a look at the greater picture & decide for yourselves where the real threat lies.As a UK resident & a political onlooker on world events it seems to me that there are an awful lot of unanswered questions on alot more important issues than area 51,someone needs to answer these questions.It seems to me that the influence of the US & its bush inspired leadership has spread to the UK & will inevitably spread to europe,the questions will remain unanswered because we are being mis-informed & mis-lead.This is an extremely volatile subject to touch upon,some will agree,some will dis-agree,but at the end of the day i would hate to have to say "I TOLD YOU SO!"

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