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Message posted by Sundog on January 28, 2005 at 22:30:15 PST:

With regard to plasma stealth, the USAF has already admitted it's "tested" it and it works. My understanding is, they can use it to hide RADAR aperatures, so it may be used in the B-2 and the F-22 to hide the LPI antenna's used in their AESA RADARs.
The main drawback, as I understand it, is that it can produce visible light, which might explain the "glowing" triangular aircraft sightings reported in the company of F-117's in the nineties (or was it the eighties? It seems it's been a long time since any good sightings)

Regarding underground facilities, how do/did they tunnel for the tests out at the NTS? Were hills of dirt spotted out there when they tunneled for tests? I am just bringing this up as any tunneling at Groom could have had the debris dumped at the location where the NTS dumped theirs. Granted, it's a big "IF" IMHO. I was just pointing this out and wondering if you guys noticed any debris out in the NTS area in the photos you've seen?

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