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Message posted by gary on March 13, 2001 at 18:42:06 PST:

If the V22 is a go, it think it would be later than sooner. Just look at how many military flubs there have been since Bush took office. [Not that you could blame them on Bush, with the exception of the Greenville fiasco, where half the civilians were from Texas and GOP contributors.] Not only do we have smart bombs that uniformly miss the targets, but we are dropping bombs on our troops. From this point forward, I think Bush/Cheney will be very conservative, with the exception of missile defense. [It never worked for Regan and he didn't catch any flak, so Bush/Cheney should be able to get away with Missile Defense Shield being less than optimal.]

The timing of bring the V22 online would have to be such that delivery starts in 2005. Can you imagine running for re-election and having a V22 crash maybe every 3rd month?

The Marines do the dirty up close and personel warfare, while the USAF does nice clean sanitized long distance bombing. Politically, the US has little restraint for air action, but ground action is another story.

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