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Message posted by ITguy46582 on January 17, 2005 at 10:39:46 PST:

Yes, saw the show last night for the second time, but this time I saw it from beginning to end! I must say, great insight into area 51! Im an IT guy out here near chicago looking to get into TS work. I have a job offer as is right now for Sapient Corp. They do IT contracting for the Government out in D.C. which is where I would be located, but Im looking at maybe doing something out near Nellis AFB, but, still need some info. on how to go about doing that. I currently have my BS in Management of Information Systems, and working towards my Masters, so If anyone has any good info. on how to obtain a job out near groom lake area, please let me know! Thanks, and nice job Chuck, you guys did a great job showing everyone what is going on out at groom lake!!Thanks


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