Re: Area 51 on Yahoo! Map?

Message posted by gary on March 13, 2001 at 18:12:55 PST:

The maps I posted come from either Garmin Mapsource or Delorme Topo USA 2. I would hold off buying Delorme topo USA 2 because version 3 is in beta at the moment.

Delorme topo 2 is nice IF you have a good video card that has hardware acceleration (such an a TNT2, GeForce, or whatever Nvidia is selling this week). You set up the map window in 2D, then tell it to render the map in 3D. One it is done rendering, you can rotate the point of view and angle of view in real time.

I got my copy at Fry's for instant gratification. It may be available on the net.

Note the only reason to buy the Garmin mapsource is if you have a GPS that can upload maps, such as the Garmin emap, GPS12MAP, and street pilot. The Delorme topo 2 is much better, but can't upload anything but a route to a GPS.

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