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Message posted by gary on March 13, 2001 at 17:56:35 PST:

This was stated right after the last crash on "all things considered" [National Public Radio for those who don't live in the states] The change over between helicopter and plane modes is computer controlled, with electronic lockouts to make sure the conditions are correct before the change-over is attempted. [Like new cars where you can't throw it into reverse unless you are stopped.]

Cheney tried to kill the V22 once when he represented Wyoming, but now that he is a Texan, he may think differently.

As is often the case, the need for the plane depends on the mission, i.e. who is the enemy. The B1B works, but what do you do with it? If there is a mission that can't be completed without the v-22, then it is a go. The fact the fleet is old does not go in favor of the v22. I would make the argument to replace the fleet with choppers that work today, even if they are no better than what they replace (other than reliability). New chopper that are just updated from old airframes have got to be cheaper than new technology.

Sadly, building missile defense will most likely cut into conventional weapons. There is only so much engineering capacity out there, and the DOD can't hire foreigners on H1B visa to do classified work.

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