Osprey Update...

Message posted by Magoo on March 13, 2001 at 17:41:06 PST:

Found an interesting link on the V-22 today...

Marine Commandant General James Jones is quoted as saying...

"We can say that it's not tiltrotor technology that's causing our difficulties," the commandant said. "And so that allows me to still have confidence in the tremendous potential, that an aircraft like this. . . is worth investing in."

He said developing new airframes is a risky business, but he said the tiltrotor technology that is the heart of the Osprey's advertised advances is not behind the fatal crashes.

"I'm certainly not incapable of accepting an adverse finding (into the two fatal crashes), if in fact it happens. But based on everything I know, and based on what I've studied and my whole life experience in this, it's still a worthwhile technology, something that we need," the general said. "But if I ever see anything to the contrary, I will certainly have the moral courage to stand up and say something else when I see it. But I haven't seen it."

Looks like reports of the V-22's demise may be a bit premature. Now, if the Commandant can only convince Rumsfield and Cheney, it may have a future after all!

At the end of the day, the Marines badly need the V-22. The fleet of 400+ CH-46 and CH-53 helos date back to the Vietnam war, and are in urgent need of replacement. With no other helo of similar capabilities on the market (except the CH-47D/E Chinook - itself a Vietnam era design) or in the pipeline, the V-22 may be the Marines' only option.



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