Re: 1.8 mag earthquakes in and around dreamland

Message posted by Dave Bethke on January 03, 2005 at 17:02:45 PST:

Most of those "mini" or "micro" earthquakes that appear on the USGS site are computer generated. Often they have errors as great as 50 miles in location and the depth can't be determined so it's given as zero. But some are actually surface activity. Check for quakes just west of Las Vegas; there's a gypsum mining operation out there that blasts from time to time, usually in the late afternoon. Also, about 30 miles south of Goldfield "quakes" will appear. These are near the location of a gravel pit. All of these small quakes are never reviewed by a seismologist to improve the accuracy of the data, unless they occur close to Yucca Mountain. In that case the USGS gets very interested.

So can a sonic boom trigger this seismic network? I don't think so. But explosions of large ordnance on the Nellis Range certainly could. It's interesting to follow the pattern of these micro/mini quakes in the Nellis Range and the NTS.


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