Re: NSA learning something from Star Trek's Romulan

Message posted by Jose on March 13, 2001 at 0:37:05 PST:

PopMech magazine is now on sale this week. I was surprised that NSA refused to comment after PopMech ask NSA how many do NSA works there. I'm glad MSNBC release news already out. Thanks to MSNBC for that update news!

I heard code name:Tempest is most powerful supercomputer satellita spy track on people as chance 90% than Echelon (sp?).

Other sources say Tempest Satellita spy can see through my apt like x-ray vision,huh? that's impossible they see on us. I guess NSA learn something from Star Trek's Romulan which Romulan developed cloaking technology. I don't know if U.S. develop cloaking technology at Area 51 or somewhere base secret neither.

In Reply to: Re: Big technology players vie to upgrade NSA computers posted by gary on March 12, 2001 at 23:36:44 PST:


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