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Message posted by Jose on March 10, 2001 at 17:22:01 EST:


My name is Jose Gonzalez and live in Woodland Hills,CA.

Who am i? I am just web surf and love read on for interesting and information. I've been often visit to since Joerg launch his website in late autumn (fall 1999).

Where am i based at? huh... i am not military or Cammo dude or Lincoln County sheriff's dept officer or Area 51 worker....just nothing. I work for two Charlotte Russe stores in San Fernando valley.

I'm DLR reader period. Thanks for the understanding :-)

Jose Gonzalez
Former El Salvador Army 1992-1995
P.S. Let you know NSA has secret space communication center for NSA in San Salvador city where they use to track Chinese aircrafts. Last time i heard NSA was abandon and moved to Miami,Fla for unknown reason.

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