Re: "AREA 51 BASE:America's Hidden Spaceport?"

Message posted by Jose on March 10, 2001 at 03:50:14 EST:

A new video, based on an hour-long PAX-TV documentary program shown nationwide in October of 2000 and re-broadcast in March of 2001

Who said?
"It's a mysterious complex of buildings and runways that has been photographed by U.S. and Russian satellites, and documented on the cover of POPULAR SCIENCE magazine.
Yet the U.S. Government says the AREA 51 base does not even exist.
From a secret gate at the Las Vegas airport, workers are flown daily to and from the base in aircraft with blacked out windows.
Airplanes are warned they'll be shot down if they fly over AREA 51.
Signs authorizing the use of deadly force surround the base to keep intruders away.
Unmarked helicopters and Jeep Cherokees are on constant patrol.
What are they guarding?"

When will we watch Area 51 Base on Pax-TV? (Did i miss it last octber?)

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