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Message posted by Spooky_Dogg on March 08, 2001 at 23:48:07 EST:

Thanks for your carefully chosen words. Excellent abstract analytical thinking behind your short, concise query.

First, I should define what I mean by "life" is NOT
necessarily that which MOST people define it to be.
That is, when I say, "life-threatening" I actually
MEAN "career-ending," which, by the way, IS my life,
inasmuch as Devildawgs ARE my life. Perhaps I should
define it further to say, much more accurately, they are the PRIORITY ONE of my life.

I do not "tease" anyone about "knowledge" (actually ACCESS; however, I am sworn not to disclose matters which have come to my attention through my PROFESSIONAL either for my personal gain, or to person or persons NOT AUTHORIZED to have ACCESS to that information, period. There are those who use this bulletin board and similar boards, who do tend to BREACH their trust and fidelity by doing so, and, unfortunately, MANY have paid severe penalties including federal criminal prosecution for their indiscretions and/or transgressions.

As for my hinting at anything, that is NOT the same thing as complete disclosure of classified material.
You CAN point someone in a particular direction of research without having to discuss that which one ought not.

For example, I have sensed hostility every time I question WHY you all would be interested in the everyday workflow schedule of "worker-bees" to the "hive" on a MERE research facility.

My thoughts originally were that you folk were interested primarily in the technological advances of the new experimental aircraft tested at the Ranch and elsewhere.

For instance, I believe that you will find that the
MV-22 Osprey program will NOT die as some think, and further, I think that you will find the LARGER craft will be REPLACED with the sleek new STEALTH items on the agenda like the JSF, and these will eventually be globally PRE-POSITIONED for shorter striking distance on shorter notice, rather than grouped like the current STEALTHs at DOMESTIC bases overall. Additionally, I think you will find that these smaller, sleeker items will carry a much bigger BANG, and capable of delivering it much quicker to target than existing inventory.

My PERSONAL interest in these and related matters
is to FERRET OUT those who have LOOSE LIPS talking about it from INSIDE out.

As for the biogenetic research stuff: it is not any longer at the "Ranch" but has moved to other locationS; but that shouldn't be any deep dark "secret" to any of you either.

My other question was what you all though about the so-called "NEW AREA 51" purported to be on an Indian reservation outside of and related to DUGAWAY....

Kind regards, all.

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