Re: Spooky_Dogg Goes to School: QUESTIONS FOR Y'ALL

Message posted by Andre' M. Dall'au on March 08, 2001 at 07:39:23 EST:

Interesting thoughts Snoop. I'm sure with the black budgets being as they are you really can't swing a short-tailed dead cat without hitting a secret project in parts of the southwest. I don't feel sorry about you knowing more than you want to, because being a Marine, that probably happened in the third grade, and for fearing for your life, let me know where you are and I'd be happy to send over some sailors to protect you. As for chaos, we've got fifteen year old kids shooting up their classmates, opposite Jerry Spinger facilitating fights on-camera, yet we DON'T KNOW why these things happen. Chaos happens when we dumb down America to let the idiots rule, or we stay ignorant with a lack of information. The theory of telling what you know will cause panic in the streets is as lame as it gets. Protecting your butt from reprisal is a reality, and that I can understand. So if you want to not talk about what you know, don't put it as protecting us from national hysteria, but simple pension preservation. With FBI agents selling out billion dollar projects, that the Russians know about, BUT THE TAXPAYERS WHO PAID FOR THE DAMN THINGS still don't know about, makes NO sense to me. How about less Oh Oh look over there, and more of what you know Marine.

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