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Message posted by rocketfox on March 07, 2001 at 23:51:47 EST:

speaking just for myself.:

While the 'work" may be "mundane" there is that mystique that surrounds any black program and the human trait if inherent curiousity.
The Locations may be not-so-secret as it used to be, but that fuels the interest. Would you rather have us prying into places better left in the dark?
I can think of some very interesting installations I''d like to know about, on which the data is indeed, hard to find, FAS notwithstanding
Would you rather have us staking out Los Alamos, and trying to get pictures of the patented nuclear tumnnel boring machine?

"Hidden dark secrets" Depends on your point of view, I suppose, The investment and disbursement of our Tax Dollars in exciting and mysterious ways has that certain appeal to those of us that have seen them spent in "interesting" ways,
and there is always that desire to know what's going on.

and that "New Area 51" so mysteriously reported in the Popular Mechanics "Article of Infamy"
is not all that New at all. they've been doing a bit of this and that out at Dugway for years.
I doubt it will be a good place to visit though, the grounds there are more toxic than A51 ever was.

Besides, according to the current reports, the Aliens have been in Utah for some time now,

The man who knows too much? love the dramatic finish..


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