Spooky_Dogg Goes to School: QUESTIONS FOR Y'ALL

Message posted by Spooky_Dogg on March 07, 2001 at 20:14:05 EST:

Spooky gives up. Spooky would like to know WHY you folk are so very interested in the mundane patterns
of ordinary work-a-day folk, albeit they fly from KLAS
via Janet, bus from Alamo, or drive to work at NOT-SO-SECRET-ANYMORE location, commonly referred on your site and tourist pamphlets as, "Area 51" ?

MOST of these folk work as you are probably already aware for one civilian defense vendor or the other as contract employees for that private enterprise.

WHY the intense continual interest? I'm confident NONE of these folk have the slightest inclination or knowledge of "hidden, dark secrets, particularly concerning any extraterresial life-forms" ?

PLEASE fill me in. Inquiring mind(s) would like to know.

By the way, does ANYONE have any comment(s) regarding the ""NEW AREA 51"" close to Dugaway?

IS UTAH to be your "new" "Hot-Spot" topic for aliens
"purported" to be "hiding beneath" the desert-sand there?

Frankly speaking: do I BELIEVE that there are "alien"
(non-Earth) lifeforms here on THIS planet?

one quick answer: YES....
will I comment WHY I so believe it: NO....

why NOT? because I KNOW more than I ever wanted to know about too many things that can only cause
chaos. Like you, I too FEAR for my very life to openly discuss certain matters.

Kind Regards


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