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Luminous UFOs hovering over isolated natural gas week, mysterious noises underground, black helicopters flying up and down mountain valleys--these are just some of the strange doings these days in the "coal counties" of southern West Virginia.

You start in Beckley )population 18,000), a city 60 miles (100 kilometers) south of Charleston, the state capital. Then you head due south on U.S. Route 18 to Princeton (population 2,000). Then you head northeast along the old Seneca Trail to Lewisburg (population 3,600) and White Sulphur Springs (population (population 2,700). Then you head due west straight back to Beckley.

And there you have it--the Hinton Triangle.

According to William Ross, author of Armageddon or New Age, the Hinton Triangle has been the site of some strange occurrences since 1996.

Take Whitesville, W.V., for example. Ross wrote, "Many miner communities have only the retired miners. The mines are shut down. The local (Whitesville) state police barracks were only trailers when thousands of (coal) miners used to live here. Now that they've left for North Carolina for jobs, we now have Auschwitzes (secret prison camps--J.T.) all over the place. For example, up in Whitesville, the once-trailer is now a 10-acree school transferred to the state police What do you need a mini-prison for when over 90 percent of the population has left?"

In the 1970s, Ross noted, "The miners used to just close and leave. Now 20-foot (6-meter) chainlink fences surround the roads to keep you off the whole mountain. This is going on all over the place in all of the southern coal counties of West Virginia."

Trucks go in and out, but they sure aren't hauling coal."

"Behind me is the old (Union) Carbide mine (that) closed 25 years ago. People in the community here have been hearing machinery noises 'down under' and explosions that shook the earth. They sure aren't mining coal. All of the (dairy) farms from Over Top in about a 73-mile area are being bought up by the (USA) federal government."

Within the Hinton Triangle, he added, "At certain locations, small-engine aircraft do drops,, black helicopters land, etc. They have sensors in the trees, and four-wheelers (all-terrain vehicles--J.T.) chase after you."

Black helicopters have been sighted frequently in Shady Springs, W.V., located 8 miles (11 kilometers) south of Beckley

In Princeton, the seat of Mercer County, black helicopters have been seen flying at night, and "when you walk in the (nearby) woods, you come across open clearings used as (black helicopter) landing zones (KXs)."

Another frequent black helicopter haunt is the Green Brier Valley.

(Editor's Note: The valley is best known as the birthplace of Traveller, the horse that belonged to Confederate general Robert E. Lee.)

"UFO-type aircraft are seen refueling at natural gas wells in the woods," Ross wrote, "And MJTF (Multi-Jurisdictional Task Force--J.T.) trains in part of the forest" northeast of Princeton.

The most curious feature of the Hinton Triangle is the sighting of "disappearing trucks," he added, "Trucks are seen at night, driving around a hill, and...ZAP! No more truck. The 75-mile area is surrounded by radio towers from Ripley to Ravenswood to Sissonville to Arbuckle."

Ross noted a strange incident that took place at the Winfield Locks and Dam, just down the mountain from Arbuckle on the Kanawha River. Here some civilians were intrigued by the huge warehouses on the property. Finding an open window, they went inside and were stunned to find dozens of large military armored vehicles in storage. These included Russian-built T-80 and T-72 tanks, BMP-40 armored personnel carriers and ZIL-131 and Kamaz 5320 heavy-duty military trucks. All of the vehicles were painted white and had the black letters UN on their turrets or sidewalls.

"The huge white warehouses were housing Russian and East German tanks. Army tanks--big ones! They went in five years ago. They never had this kind of thing in the state even during the Cold War." According to Ross, "There is an underground base in Shady Springs with tunnels reaching into Pipestem State Park."

The strangest report comes from Hinton, W.V. itself. Here, Ross claimed, "There is an old M.I.B. (Men in Black--J.T.) underground base which has a bunch of old black cars--in mint condition." Classic cars in storage there include a 1948 Packard, a 1953 DeSoto, a 1956 Thunderbird and vintage Cadillacs dating from 1950 through 1962.

(Editor's Comment: The General Services Administration (GSA) customarily auctions off old federal government cars every year. Why are these old and potentially very valuable automobiles being kept in underground storage? This facility sounds like a car collector's dream.)
In the west end of the state, Ross reported another unusual incident in Parkersburg, W.V. (population 7,400.) Here some people saw "white plastic-coated, snap-together aluminzed 'tiger cages' " laid flat and loaded onto wooden pallets on the Ohio River docks.

(Editor's Note: Tiger cages made of wire and bamboo were used to confine American P.O.W.s in Vietnam during the war. Also, Parkersburg played a role in Illuminati history. Just north of the community, in the middle of the Ohio River, is Blennerhasset Island. Today there are only ruins there, but it was once a fortress-mansion built by the notorious Illuminati diabolist Harman Blennerhasset. From 1794 until 1806, the mansion was the headquarters of the Illuminati in the USA. For more on the Conspiracy of 1806, see any biography of Thomas Jefferson or Aaron Burr.)

Another MIB underground depot is located in Red Sulphur Springs, W.V., he added, not far from the extensive Laurel Creek Cave system. (Many thanks to Rev. Billy Dee for forwarding the pamphlet. Thanks also to West Virginia--A Guide to the Mountain State, Conservation Commission of West Virginia, 1941, pages 380 to 405.)

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