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Message posted by Mago on March 04, 2001 at 18:18:00 EST:


I agree that JSF may well be 'on the block', but I think F-22 is too far down the road, and would be a political nightmare to kill off. There is, however, a distinct possibility of a reduced buy of F-22s (currently projected to be around 330 I think), with the gap being filled by either a newer type that is currently black, or possibly an interim buy of the proposed F-15F or similar.

Watch for the V-22 to possibly also be canned, as well as a reduced buy of F/A-18E/Fs for the Navy.

On the positive side, I can see hope for additional carriers (to bring the Navy back to 12-14 active units), and advanced SSNs (possibly more of the outstanding Seawolf class), a firming up of specifications for the new transport/tanker aircraft currently in proposal form, perhaps an acceleration of the UAV/UCAV programs currently in development, and a whole new generation of smart stand-off missiles and bombs.


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