Public apology...

Message posted by Raven on March 02, 2001 at 20:04:51 EST:

I wish to send a public apology to Spooky Devildog and any one else I may have offended with my childish and insulting post. Please let me explain. I believe that Big Brother is watching...I believe that there are government conspiracies...I believe that the government can basically do whatever the hell it wants to because we are a democracy on paper only...and I believe that the government keeps more secrets than it has too...I also believe that some people know more than they say and others don't know as much as they pretend. To be honest with you...all this erks the hell out of me! Don't get me wrong...I served my country because I love my country but somethings are just ridiculous. I guess what I am trying to say is...we get enough red tape from the government and if you don't know something, don't pretend. If you do, by all means share (unless legally you can't). Opinions are welcome. Spooky, I know there are things that you know and can't tell us. There are things I can't speak of myself. But don't rub it in anyones face. I don't.(hint=sometimes the grins and smirks can be quite insulting). I am naturally suspicious(especially of peoples credentials) so some of the things you said and did tweaked my interest. I hope that everyone here will accept my apology(especially Spooky). The main point is that we are all working towards a common goal...we need to work together and trust each other. Questions and comments are welcome.


"Trust is a very sacred thing that I do not readily give out."


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