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Message posted by Jose on February 28, 2001 at 18:15:39 EST:

Everyday I find myself coming closer to thinking that your opinion on anything can easily be dismissed. But then, I usually dismiss the opinions of dogmatic ideologues who don't seem to put much thought into what they say.

(Please, entertain us some more about how 10 extra minutes of DLR for free is absolutely wrong and should be abolished. I mean, I might be a borderline idiot, but I happen to think that 100 minutes of DLR, when I enjoy to reading for 90, is a good thing.)

Incidentally, Andre' M. Dall'au, I wouldn't play Whack-A-Mole on you so much if you didn't do things as obviously boneheaded as looking at Quaylar's idiotic management or Raven's idiotic management and concluding that DLR's management leaguewide is idiotic. And by the way, I know that you're committed to your bargain-basement web design, but you should at least consider implement a frame with a menu in it. I hear frames don't cost much money.

One question, do i know Spooky Dogg?


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