California City Bombing Target

Message posted by gary on October 26, 2000 at 04:25:31 EST:

I made an attempt to track down this WWII bombinb site that the guy at the Edward's show told me. Searching the internet gave no information. I did a few phone calls. One was to the California City VFW. First I got the bartender (which a decade ago would of been called the barmaid). I asked my questions and then the phone got passed around the bar. I finally ended up talking to a guy who was a surveyor for the Defense Mapping Agency (or something like that). He described a target, which I think I found on the terraserver:

The guy told me what hill to climb to see the sight from town. I told him I'll just check the Terraserver first. ;-)

I haven't found anything like a fake Japanese town to bomb, but the area is huge.

To give a little history of the area, it turns out the Marines used to have operations in the Mojave/California City area. The only remaining Marine installation in the area is near Barstow. In addition, there is supposed to be a Japanese internment center near Barstow as well.

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