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Message posted by Spooky_Dogg on February 18, 2001 at 23:52:01 EST:

Andy: was teasing you a bit about "glowing" as you've probably figured out due to your interests in the former AEC test site.

Yes, I love the Osprey as I did have the priviledge
of riding #1 V22 from Boeing/Philadelphia. Problems and cutting corners didnt occur until Bell became part of the consortium. Yes, there should be full and accurate accountability; however, because of the naturee of many projects unfortunately those budgets are hidden in combination with other public projects
within the Army and Air Force and Navy budgets overall, much like many of your "rider" Congressional bills hidden in the agenda of a PUBLIC bill: it you want IT to pass, then the others attached thereto, must pass as a "blind package." These are generally hidden as "Special Orders."

It is unfortunate that the Marine Colonel in charge of the MV22 project did not fulfill his area of responsibility. I ASSURE YOU THAT THE MAJORITY OF
RESPONSIBILITY SERIOUSLY. Unfortunately, this individual was an exception to that rule. In fact, I can, in truth, say, that MARINES (enlisted as well as officer) takes their RESPONSIBILITY, and areas of FIDELITY and TRUST much MORE seriously than members of the OTHER armed services. (No "Baloney", just a simple statement of fact.)

As for me sitting on the fence, NOT hardly. There is much that is MY area of responsibility (along with the rest of the staff in our office) that WE are fully accountable for to proper military and federal authority. However, NOT everything is readily available for access by the general public, for obvious reasons, much the same as the other investigative arms of government.

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