Gary Schultz, special guest on Chat: Feb. 25, 2001 4:30 pm.

Message posted by Norio Hayakawa on February 18, 2001 at 19:20:17 EST:

This is to let you know that I have changed the time for Sunday Chats. Beginning Sunday, February 18, I will be hosting the Chat from 5 p.m. (Pacific Time) instead of 7 p.m.
On Sunday, February 25, I will have a special guest in the Chat Room. His name is Gary Schultz and he is one of the Pioneers in Area 51 expeditions. He is a former colleague of mine who had organized numerous trips to the area, beginning in 1990.
To the best of my knowledge, Gary was the first person to have been detained at the main Guard Shack on Groom Lake Rd. That was in 1991. About 3 months later, Gary received a letter from Washington, D.C. He will tell us about his unusual experience at the Guard Shack and also the content of the letter he received.
Also, in February of 1990, Gary, along with his wife, Pearl, had taken a very interesting photo of an orangish object that came up yonder above Groom Mountains while they were sitting by the dirt road, just slightly south of Hwy 375, on Mail Box Rd.
The object appeared initially as a small, orangish light in the distance. Later on, when Gary had the film developed and enlarged, he was surprised to see that it did not appear to be an ordinary military aircraft or helicopter.
He will tell us about that incident in the Chat.
To this day, I haven't the slightest idea what the image depicts. The only conclusion I could suggest is that it may have been some type of a UAV with a dome on it.....the photo shows the object making a slight inclining turn as it flew.....

Here is the link for the photo:

Attached link: 1990 Photo of Lockheed's UAV?? taken at Mail Box Rd.,Hwy 375 by Gary Schultz


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