Those Damnable BLM Passes

Message posted by Wildweasel on December 06, 2003 at 16:36:35 PST:

If this is like the BLM pass demonstration program they ran in Southern California, you'll be required to stop by the nearest BLM or Forest Service office to purchase a day, month or year pass.

I was just leaving SoCal when the program started. It was immediately jumped on as a money maker and you could get ticketed for pulling off the side of the road a foot too far for the BLM or Forset Service worker's tastes. Take care when you pull over to change a flat on the back roads in the Mojave Desert National Preserve.

Needless to say, one ticket cost more than a year long pass. And if you got hit with a ticket you still had to buy a pass before you could go back out.

And I imagine that wonderful folks like the Lincoln County Sheriff's Office will do their part to "help" the BLM and Forest Service enforce the pass requirement if they're allowed a cut of the revenue this will generate.

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