Thanks Chuck Clark!

Message posted by foxwuzrt on December 03, 2003 at 12:53:08 PST:

Hi, Chuck its foxwuzrt, Rose Chans MOM. It was soooo nice meeting you on Friday at The A'Le"Inn and so nice of you to pose for pix and camcorder ops and signing the book was awsome. The conversations with my Daughter Stephanie(Rose Chan) and I were priceless. We visited the GL Road and Back Gate while we were there and also drove up the dirt road of Tempiute and got a great view of the valley. We stayed the night at the A'Le'Inn, bought lots of stuff from Pat and moved on to Tonopah Sat Morning(Where I won $60 at the Tonopah Station!) We had a great time in Rachel and plan on coming back in the spring! Feel free to email us anytime ( and we will see you in the spring! The Truth Is Out There! Liz (foxwuzrt)


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