Re: Secret Military Bases

Message posted by dannywho on November 27, 2003 at 20:41:52 PST:

O.K. boys, I know its thanksgiving and we're all stressed out from the relatives, let it go already.
I sent the original link as a view at what others see.
Now they may see these things in some sort of mental fog, or they are being clever at hiding in plain sight.

Let's continue to enjoy the discussions that happen here and allow our open commentary on such many faceted subjects. Be men not boys, if someone, whoever, posts a good catch on a subject, or not, we are not here to constantly berate and shake fingers at those predictions that did or didn't come true. We are
not nostradamus or a fundamentalist saying that the sky is falling on X date.

We are supposed to be having spirited and enjoyable talk on XY & Z. So stop the pissing and moaning or
I'll set the thumper trucks onto your home coordinates.
OK, ok. Thumping our chests is natural, so beat on your own drum, not others. Anyone can gossip, only some can respect. Remember, wherever you are,
its Thanksgiving.

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