Re: Secret Military Bases

Message posted by Andy on November 27, 2003 at 12:05:02 PST:

oh dear oh dear oh dear, poor 'Father Ramon' seriously damages his credibility in many places, leading one to believe that the poor man must have been under the control of Extra Terrestrial non-human entities.
Have a look at his 'predictions' for 2003, the man can't even differentiate between plain and plane
in (9). Also, not at the top of the title....preditions for 2003 and yet at the bottom of the page it says 2002. So, it's easy to be a soothsayer, make your predictions and increment the headline year every year until one comes voila, instant Nostradamus.

Mind you, these could just be his attempts at writing pilot scripts.....who knows......

(ps any spilling errors are the result of my inability to tipe, not an inability to spill)

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