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Message posted by Andre' M. Dall'au on November 26, 2003 at 4:09:09 PST:

Good question. Although it is much like asking a Dolphin about the desert, they not only know nothing, they do not have the language skills, or capacity to answer with knowlege. like us about life elsewhere. We can only look around us and hope that this is not the result of intergalatic brownian motion that resulted in a freak of nature - us. I can see that there might be thousands to billions of possibilies for intelligent life elsewhere, but that what it is - possiblities. We can't even concieve of the totality of the universe - is it infinite or just REAL big? In our limited minds it's close to the same thing. I personally look at the good that we as a race can occasionally demonstrate, but then look at how religion is used as a reason to enforce intolerance, how governement is used to stifle instead of help, and how the media spotlights the worst and the flawed instead of the best and the brightest; I really wonder that IF we are the best the Universe has to offer, we really have blown it. No, we probably are not alone, and if others are out there they are probably either too far away or having visited us - decided to keep a low profile. Can't blame them. The advent of camcorders should have followed with a flood of documentation that flying saucers REALLY exist. Didn't happen. Since during my lifetime the Loch Ness Moster, BigFoot (not the truck), and Crop Circles have been admitted as hoaxes by their perps, I can only look at the remaining mysteries of life and wonder if they have such a mundane explaination. Such as life elsewhere in the Universe, why are Michael Jackson, Oprah, and J Lo so honored with such little true talent, and why the Army hasn't figured out to order a Domino's pizza in Saddam's name, and then follow the delivery car to catch him. Weird, but I digress. Honestly, if there is life out there, since the big bang theory puts us all close to the same birthday, maybe most of the other civilizations are close to our level of development, and once we get close to finding a way to travel to the stars, they will be doing something similar. Maybe then we will find who are neighbors are. I can only hope it will be aliens that look like the Vulcan on "Enterprise", then the wait will be worth it.
Sorry it's all OT, but it's been slow.
Happy Thanksgiving to you all, and to our troops that have to spend the holidays in lands that holds tremedous danger, our love, respect, and admiration. Stay low, move slow, watch your six, and keep your weapons clean.

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