Message posted by Steve A. on February 13, 2001 at 15:56:43 EST:

Man, read his post again before you get on someone defending themselves! He comes off with those "sonny boy" statements and other snide put downs constantly. Why is it that there is a constant double standard on this forum for things other people do that you just blindly overlook? One person is no better than any other, ESPECIALLY when they continually post annoying bandwidth wasting crap like "Snoopy Dogg" does..I say JOERG, READ HIS POST AGAIN and then read my response..Who started the "personal insult"? To be fair, I expect a PUBLIC apology and a chastisment of "Snoopy Dogg" from you for HIS personal insults of me that got my dander up.

Is "Snoopy Dogg" some kind of a sacred cow on here just because he shows up periodically to let you and everyone else know how smart he is and how dumb you are? He never has anything to add to this forum except when he is putting someone down and "GRINNING" and "WINKING" about what he knows. I don't think he knows squat about anything except some low level security issues...Some people on this forum fawn over him and think that he is the great "I am"..I am not impressed and if you'd get your head out of the clouds, you wouldn't be either.

AS far as emailing you, NO I will not...I'll air my grievance publicly since you decided to do the same..I'll tell you what you told me..If YOU have a problem with me then email me.

As far as a "cause", this is not a "cause"..However you feel about this, research of Area 51 is not a religious experience nor is it Amnesty International nor is it the struggle to survive/the meaning of life...It is simply RESEARCH of a secret US base, nothing more or nothing less.

Steve A.

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