Message posted by Norm on October 29, 2003 at 14:55:20 PST:

Tues. Oct 21, 03. about 7:40 to 8:10 driving toward Las Vegas and about 20 miles from Rachel I spotted an orange glowing light in the sky to my right.The glow only lasted a second or two. After stopping on the roadside I noticed a jet tailing a small white dot in the sky in the same general area. The dot was eratic at times but mostly flew in a pretty straight path with the jet on its tail. While observing this two more orange cigar shaped lightes glowed briefly low on the horizon. From what I have learned since that night about the area, I assume that the area where this glow appeared was near the base of bald mountain or near pappose lake.

I stayed there watching for several minutes and noticed no other air traffic other than an occasional white dot moving in random paths. Sometimes the dots were so faint I had to observe them with my peripheral vision but they were definitely observable. I turned off my car to save gas and I noticed a sound too. I would describe the sound as a low pitched humming. Not a jet sound,( I could hear the jet above too) this sound wasn't like any jet it was more like a sound you get when you are running an electric motor and freeze the belt or something like that. Just a constand hum.

I got pretty excited and decided to go to Rachel and discuss my sighting with anyone there to listen. While driving I noticed more small points of light moving around toward the east and stopped again. While stopped I had another sighting of orange lights. THis time, each light stayed on again only about a second or maybe two. Each light was followed by another and a third like in a similar path.

These were the last lights I saw at that stop. I continued on to Rachel and the bar was closed. I drove a mile or so and stopped a last time to look for more and saw nothing more. Interestingly I noticed that the low hum had also stopped and a lot of traffic was coming my way from the area 51 direction.

Has anyone had a sighting like these? Is anyone out there able to report a scene like mine on that night?
Any suggestions as to the origin of this strange sight?



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