Re: Exemption for Area 51

Message posted by tommy on October 21, 2003 at 20:03:28 PST:

"National Security?" If they keep on polluting and burning who knows what do you think there will be a nation to protect? I am being dramatic in this moment but that is not too far from the truth. Any chemical burnt WILL cause a reaction, maybe on a small scale but it surly won't be a good reaction! These reactions might be acid rain, higher CO2 level, less ozone layer and so on. The USA already have enough weapons to whipe the earth off our solar system (just kidding..but maybe not..)! Why can't they test their black projects and who knows what else and dispose of thier waste in a properly inside the perimiter.
I say they should build a recylcing center inside area 51.
Some people are so not concerned with the environment. It makes me disgusted of calling this place a civilized place sometimes! Technology should be good, but if the price to pay is pollution i don't want it. That is not technology.
I am not againt the Gov, i am against some stupid laws.
The US Gov already have enough power to grant "freedom".
Develop weapons and technology but do it without making the earth a worse place! I don't find "fair" the fact that when possibile....(because it is possibile to pollute less)...they just are totaly not interested in our air, our plant!

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